was waiting
for this material.

The advantages of wood and the design freedom,
these are the Selun® qualities dedicated for the
furniture industry. It is a freestyle matter.

Selun® meets the request of wood furniture makers who want greater creative freedom for a long time.
Selun®, a material made from 60% wood flour and 40% cellulose acetate, has a very natural appearance close to the timber.
It exhibits the same natural properties, warmth, elegance as wood. The thermoformability is its main advantage. It can be formed in 3D shape by simple heating to give complex and smooth shapes. In a spirit of sustainable development, it offers a greater freedom of creativity to wood furniture makers and interior designers. It is VOC-free, recyclable and biodegradable as wood.


SELUN®, gets unmatched properties so far. We speak about a material that everyone in the wood professions is waiting for now.
Can you unveil us its properties and tell us in what they bring a new response to the markets ?



* Freestyle

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