Without revealing the formula or sources used in the composition of SELUN® 100% bio-based hybrid wood, how can we say that this material is really 100% bio-based ?



Supported by Europe*, the French State** and the region of Lower Normandy, the Compo’line project initiated by two Norman companies James and Barrain and the Plastic Processing Institute ISPA from Alençon makes enter the eco-building straight down to the regional economic development with the cellulose, the most abundant organic material on Earth.
In the form of waste from agriculture (straw) and sawmill, cellulose is the main component of the bio-based hybrid wood, the Selun®, with wood flour and cellulose acetate.
With its small amounts of production waste as it is extruded, assembled with a glue from cellulose acetate, painted, lacquered, and varnished with products based on cellulose acetate, the recyclability of this bio-based hybrid wood paves the way for the recycling of waste of production and the end-of-life of furniture and interior design.

(*) European Regional Development fund (ERDF)

(**) French state fund (DIRECCTE)


* Freestyle

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