is the free
form of wood.

If Selun® meets the needs of designers, this is because it allows freer shapes. It was freed from the wood constraints.

The Selun® boards of 650 or 1,500 mm wide, and in several available thicknesses: 6, 12 or 20 mm are semi-finished materials which can then be thermoformed.
The thermoforming involves heating the Selun® panels to soften them and then use their ductility to bring them in a 3D shape using a mould. Upon cooling, Selun® hardens to keep this new shape.
This technology allows producing quickly and with small amounts of waste complex 3D shapes. Wood gets freedom in shape thanks to the ductility at warm of Selun®.



SELUN® is a semi-finished product, which is boards in a first forming step,. It is a fairly traditional approach from the wood world. What are the other forms that could take Selun®, for which modes of implementation ?



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